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Fylkingen's journal Hz started as a non-virtual journal after its predecessor Fylkingen Bulletin from the '60s. Since 2000, Hz moved to the Internet and has become an Internet journal, one of the few in Sweden. Between 2003 and 2009 it also included Net Gallery, where international Internet art works were presented.

Fylkingen is a non-profit art organization in Stockholm. Established in 1933, it is the oldest forum for experimental music and intermedia art in Sweden. Throughout its history Fylkingen has been the driving force in the Swedish art scene to introduce and promote unestablished art forms, the examples of which include the music of Bartók and the video works of Nam June Paik as well as electro-acoustic music during the '50s. Our members today consist of leading composers, musicians, dancers, performance artists, visual artists, etc.

Utilizing possibilities the Internet brings, Hz intends to be an international web journal. By dealing with aesthetic discussions relevant to our time through Hz, Fylkingen is hoping to continue its tradition of playing the role of cutting-edge interface between the artists of Sweden and those abroad.

Hz is open to suggestions, proposals, and other submissions and contributions. For inquiries, please contact Hz

More about

Fylkingen: www.hz-journal.org/n4/hultberg.html/
Fylkingen's Journals: www.hz-journal.org/n19/hayashi.html

List of Fylkingen's Historical Journals (1966-1993):http://hz-journal.org/historical/


Hz would like to express its gratitude to the following people for their generous contributions:


Cambrian Language Service, David Clark, John Duncan, jimpunk, Pär Johansson, Wolf Kahlen, Stanza, Ulf Stenberg, Guido Zeccola, Thomas Liljenberg, Kim Cascone, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Clifford Owens, Jim Jeffers, Annie Abrahams, Clément Charmet, Nicholas Economos, Isabel Saij, Tamara Lai, David Crawford, Petra Gemeinboeck, Gunhild Borggreen, Teddy Hultberg, On Click, Jessica Irish, Paul Catanese, Margot Lovejoy, Mouchette, Art Clay, Annette Zinsmeister, Jette Sandahl, Thom Bailey, Krystal Taylor, Lee Welch, Han Hoogerbrugge, Suguru Goto, Bo Kampmann Walther, Thore Soneson, Franziska Martinsen, Alice Gerber, Santiago Ortiz, Monica Jacobo, Aleksandar Macasev, Katie Bush and Peter Horvath, Jeremy Welsh, Mez Breeze, Franziska Schroeder, Pierre Proske, Andrea Polli, David Boardman, Influenza, Compound Pilot, Jilly McDonald, Robert Spahr, Nicholas Klauss, Jeremy Hight, Ewa Wojtowicz, Annika Olofsdotter Bergström, Björn Norberg, Pat Badani, Andrew Bucksbarg, Tom Badley, Francesca Roncagliolo, Chris Mann, Babel, Nobert Herber, Domenico Quaranta, Miguel Álvarez Fernández, Peter Baldes, Richard Vickers, Olivier Vanderaa, Position, Michael Takeo Magrude, laurie halsey brown, Rachael Watts, Michael Betancourt, Andrew Y Ames, Christian Hörgren, Tanja Vujinovic, Susanne Schuda, Laura Bey, Jason Nelson, Alexander Mouton, Ian M. Clothier, Silvia Scaravaggi, Gregory Shakar, Andrej Tisma, Dror Feiler, Sylvia Grace Borda, Assunta Ruocco, Gaya Gajewska, Edward Picot, Martin John Callanan, Dugal McKinnon, Ariel Bustamante, Matthew Board, Joăo Martinho Moura and Jorge Sousa, John Grande, Irad Lee, Ethan Ham, Jody Zellen, Alan Bigelow, Yu-Chuan Tseng, Ariel Bustamante, Novi_sad, Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico, Tony Fry, Grégoire Zabé, Myron Turner, Poderiu, Phivos-Angelos Kollias, Michael Filimowicz, Belinda Haikes, judsoN, Joaquin Gasgonia Palencia, Evelin Stermitz, Brian Schorn, Alysse Stephanian, Rudi Punzo, Aaron Oldenburg, Aaron Higgins, Owen Mundy, Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Řrum, Joseph Nechvatal, Michael Dotolo, Adrian Knight, JD Pirtle, Christina McPhee, Pauline Oliveros, Roy Ascott, Amanda Wasielewski, Mathias Jansson, Irad Lee, Brian W. Brush, Yong Ju Lee, Noa Younse, Debra Swack, Simon Longo, Max Schleser, Henry Gwiazda, Alessandro Perini, Liat Berdugo, Vito Campanelli, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Bennett Hogg, Steven M. Miller, Evan X. Merz, Guang Zhu, Henrique Roscoe, Cristian Vogel, Robert Willim, Andrew Alexander Wallace, Florian Cramer, Martyn Hudson, Edward Picot, Laura Plana Gracia, Ben Grosser, Aymeric Mansoux, Robert Spahr, Alan Sondheim, Kevin Logan, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Johannes Birringer, Jim Andrews, Laurence Counihan, Adam Rothstein, Matteo Cremonesi, Emilio Vavarella, Gary Svensson, Atau Tanaka, Marco Donnarumma, David Fodel, Mihai Bacaran, Brandon Bauer, Lars Bröndum




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