# 2, March 2003


A PIER Utilising primary sound recording and accompanied by photography, the artists Thor McIntyre-Burnie and Chris Watson traced the changing atmosphere of the pier's concert hall, including it's natural and urban environs, the ocean beneath and the dynamic starling roost....The end result of the project was an exhibition linking the migratory path of the starlings from their winter refuge on the pier to their summer migration north of Scandinavia.

LISTENING POST Chris Watson's sound recordings consist of limited ecological systems that are investigated by use of a microphone. The atmosphere, the specific spatiality of the place, the time of day, the season and the position of the listener - for Chris Watson all these parts are just as important for his investigation as geographic, historical and scientific facts.

EMS PRIZE Ulf Stenberg, the director of EMS (Electron Musik Studio) in Stockholm, talks about the background and intention behind the EMS prize, an international music award with specific concern to "text-sound composition".

THE GENDER OF MUSIC "Have we ever really asked ourselves why there are so many male composers and so few female ones?" The music critic Guido Zeccola discusses here on the gender of the "art music" of our time.

MEREAMIS Pär Johansson, the former secretary of SEAMS (the Society for Electroacoustic Music) presents their programme MEREAMIS, i.e. "More Electroacoustic Music in Sweden", which opened national-wide tours with various forms of electroacoustic music in Sweden.

PHANTOM BROADCAST After several recent works with radio used as a side element, John Duncan focuses again on shortwave as the full source material in his phantom broadcast, with one slight twist.




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